Jim Dokken, past member, Willmar City Council, 1998-2015

“I spent many, many years on the Willmar City Council as a representative of Ward 4. I’ve watched local political candidates come and go. In all those years, I have not seen one candidate that has surpassed Bob Enos for honesty, knowledge, and integrity. Sometimes, when you are in the middle of the forest, it’s hard to find your way out. That is one of the reasons we turn to consultants so often. We like to get an informed outsider’s point of view. It seems to me that Willmar is getting all that and more with Bob, and we aren’t even paying for it. Bob Enos seems to be the only guy in the pack who not only discusses the difficult challenges we all know Willmar is facing; he proposes solutions. Bob also figured out early on that the primary job of a City Council member is to serve the needs of all the residents of their ward, and not just those of the “special interest groups.” Individual needs of citizens should always, always come first. It is that philosophy that filters through his entire campaign. What more can we ask for? Ward 3 voters have a candidate in their midst that every other ward should only wish they had.”

Loren Corle, President, RELCO, Inc., Willmar (international manufacturer of dairy and food processing technologies)

“Bob Enos is an aggressive researcher of facts surrounding any issue of governmental affairs. He is well informed, willing to listen, and unashamed of sharing his position and supporting arguments. One always knows exactly where he stands on any issue, which is a refreshing trait compared to today’s typical politics.”

Ralph Olson, Peterson Shoe Store – employee and subsequent owner from 1949 to 1999

“Some years ago, I was watching a city council meeting on TV when this guy named Bob Enos addressed the council. I called my son Robin and said, ‘come listen to this guy, he’s got some good ideas!’ Later, I introduced myself to him in the shoe store, and we’ve been talking ever since. He has a tremendous knowledge of the future challenges facing our nation and our community. He knows how the ‘engine’ runs. Bob has the experience in government projects and finance, and the passion to bring people together that Willmar sorely needs at its table. He will make a great councilman!”

Bruce E. Miller, Major, US Army (retired), Saint Cloud

“What to say about Bob Enos – he is a very caring, intelligent person. Bob actually cares about what he believes in, and works hard and consistently towards any goal he sets. He possesses exceptional insight and the ability to separate what is real versus what is the fluff and smoke that most politicians and media spout today. He cuts straight to the heart of the matter.”

Michele Bachmann ®, four-term member, US House of Representatives

“Bob Enos is a patriot who has drive, compassion, and moral clarity. He appreciates the importance of the US Constitution. He will put your individual rights as citizens first before the special interests. Bob is dedicated to fiscal responsibility and a more healthy economy for Willmar. In Bob, I see a leader who honors Willmar’s traditions and will guide your city forward towards a more balanced and sensible future.”

Karen and Gary Kaufenberg, Spicer

“We firmly believe that Bob will be a public servant for Willmar who is well versed, dedicated, and ambitious for a much better tomorrow. Ward 3, we believe you have a diamond in the rough.”

Rep. Steve Drazkowski ®, Minnesota House of Representatives

“I first learned about Bob Enos after watching his presentation to the Kandiyohi County Board of Commissioners on refugee resettlement. He came to Saint Paul to present the facts to a number of us legislators. I was so impressed with his analysis of the situation that I took up his recommendation to craft a bill to audit the finances of the refugee resettlement program in Minnesota. He’ll fight the good fight for his constituents!”

Patricia Carter Harding letter: Give decency a chance and vote for Enos

“After reading the political endorsements of our paper, one a plus and the other a strong negative, I was chilled by the viciousness of the writing.

Is that why so few good people of strong character who support a vision for change no longer go into politics? Most are the ones easy to fit into the mold, whose thinking will sway with whomever they are speaking to. In other words the suck-ups.

Everything I have heard Bob Enos say is spoken from his heart with a background of professional experience that no one else can even touch. He is not the self-seeking amateur witnessed in this political debacle. He truly is over-qualified and thank God he is willing to benefit us with his expertise.

Why he would even consider sticking his neck out for a town whose power boys are so afraid of him—well, it certainly is a matter of more guts than glory.

What he says about Jennie-O, our City Council, the crappy education we are giving our kids, etc., etc., is all true and every one of you out there knows it.

I have lived in Willmar all of my life and every one of us that has, recognizes what has happened here. We have lost our town to the self-seekers, the incompetent, the sneaky little playground bullies and those that don’t have the intelligence that God gave a grape! No wonder people are moving out of town and being replaced, by what?

Good grief, use your head, people. Meet Bob, talk to him on a one-to-one basis and you will find a man who has sense of honor. His character is to be admired, not to be vilified by the many small thinkers we are growing in this day and age.

Where are our men of stature, our Lincolns, our Washingtons, our Jeffersons? Enos is not one of them and doesn’t claim to be but he is a good man with years of experience so let’s give decency a try because what we have now clearly isn’t working.

Patricia Carter-Harding West Central Tribune, Willmar Willmar, MN