Opponent Fernando - Lost in the Weeds

My opponent, Fernando Alvarado, says he “wants to move downtown forward, to work with all the people and cultures who live and work in the downtown area.”

On this point, Mr. Alvarado and I agree. He seems like a nice-enough fellow and a well-meaning guy. Unfortunately, my opponent is naive when it comes to getting things done in politics, and because of that, he has become an unwitting tool of the powerful special interests in Willmar. The special interests have infiltrated the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and use its small business members as human shields. And now, they have created a new front:

The Willmar 4.

Bob Enos is the only Ward 3 candidate capable of leading the re-invention of Old Downtown. Downtown has NOT been moving forward exactly because of policies by people like the Willmar 4.

My opponent wants to work with all cultures and people, but he needs much more than an ethnic identity to deliver the goods. Fernando Alvarado does not possess the knowledge, the skills, or the experience to understand the damage that reckless spending and taxation wreaks on a local economy. The fact is, beyond “feel good” platitudes, my opponent has not proposed a single idea to jump-start Willmar’s anemic economy. He supports the sales tax referendum, even though it punishes out-of-town shoppers who do business in Willmar; shoppers Willmar desperately needs. Had Mr. Alvarado’s bosses bosses not crushed Willmar’s tax-paying middle class all these years, Willmar wouldn’t be looking for new tax schemes in the first place!

With legitimate economic growth comes more prosperity for everyone. The middle class grows, and a more robust tax base follows. Liberal, pro-government politicians like my opponent repeat that time-worn saw that government-funded “economic stimulus” programs are the solution to all our problems, but the evidence to the contrary is simply overwhelming.

My opponent says the right buzz words - no doubt scripted by others. However, his “vision” - such as it is - has no substance. Our local government has shown us only two capabilities: spending and increased taxation.

That is not where the answer to Willmar’s challenges are to be found.

I will be holding a Town Hall meeting on October 26, 7:00 pm, at the Kandi Entertainment Center on 19th Avenue. Among the issues discussed will be my new downtown revitalization proposal, including a downtown college campus with dormitory accommodations as anchors, creating a neighborhood of young people with bustling activity, youthful energy, and consumer spending power. Retail activity and mixed use spaces will follow, including the development of a live/work artists’ colony, for starters. We will discuss how this can be born, grown, and financed.

There will be discussion of several other issues too, depending upon the interests of the audience.

Register early, as high attendance is expected, with preference given to residents and business owners in Ward 3.

Thank you for your continued interest, and I would very much appreciate the opportunity to serve Ward 3 by your vote.