Local Government Privatization, part 1

The privatization of certain government services is hardly a new concept. Most of us dispose of trash now through private contractors. Many prisons are now privatized. Security forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are somewhat privatized. The traditional rationale behind government services has been the idea that the role of government is to provide services for the common good when the private sector is either unable or unwilling to fill the needs. With so many pressing...

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Thinking out of the box land use development in Willmar

The Robbins Island playground proposal is yet one more answer to a question most Willmarites have never asked. Make no mistake; in the end, the park will still be a maintenance headache for the city of Willmar. Affordable housing - meaning subsidized houing - is the fix being proposed to solve an alleged housing shortage created by Jennie-O/Hormel’s underpaid employees and unemployed refugees. If there is a positive takeaway, however, it’s the opportunities for wide-ranging,...

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